Toothpaste dates back to the times of Buddha between 23 and 79 AD.

Cleaning your teeth was practiced to help ward off toothaches.  While some of the ways this was done were unorthodox, it was derived from the God Sakka, who kept his own mouth clean with a “tooth stick”.  The earliest idea of toothpast actually dates to 1780, where in North America it was common to scrub teeth with burnt bread.  In the 19th century, formal toothpaste came into being.  It was in the form of a powder, and it was meant to clean teeth and also give fresh breath.  It was to be used every night on wet teeth.  In the 20th century, mouth rinses and pastes were becoming popular tools.  In 1915, eucalyptus leaves were beginning to be used in mouthwash formulas.  For more information on the history of toothpaste, please visit