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All about dental onlays  and when you need more than a filling but less than a crown.

When you have problems with your teeth – especially cavities, cracked or broken teeth – there is a middle ground where a simple filling won’t do, and a crown to cover the whole tooth is overkill.

Dr. Abeyta may recommend a dental inlay or a dental onlay.

Dental inlays are similar to a filling, but instead of using a material to fill in the cavity, a more permanent (and much stronger) repair is actually cemented within the cusps (bumps) on the chewing surface of your tooth. An onlay is simply larger and covers more area.

These repairs can be made of gold, composite resin (plastic) or ceramics and should last for 10 years or longer depending on usage and care.

What Will Happen in the Dentist’s Chair

Dr. Abeyta will numb both the tooth and surrounding area with a local anesthesia, either nitrous oxide or oral sedation.  You won’t feel a thing!

She will then remove the decay and shape the tooth and place a soft material called composite resin right on the tooth. Then the resin is molded to fit your tooth and the inlay is removed and hardened in an oven specially designed for this work.

This part is then cemented into place with any follow-up polishing or fitting necessary to make it look perfect.

Sometimes Dr. Abeyta will decide to send the inlay or onlay to a lab that specializes in fabricating them.  She will create a temporary cover for your tooth, and send the mold to the lab. Upon completion, she then removes the temporary filling, cleans and dries the area and bonds your great looking new inlay or onlay permanently in.

Whatever process is utilized you ca be sure that Dr. Abeyta will take great care of you and your teeth!