Are your front teeth shorter than they were when you were a teenager?

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The front teeth are the first thing that you see when a person smiles and if they are getting shorter with age, there is a reason for it that can be prevented through Cosmetic Dentistry!

There are many reasons teeth get shorter and the younger you are when this happens, the more at risk you are for complications such as tooth fracture or root canal therapy due to pulp exposure. It is important that you are evaluated for attrition (wearing down of teeth) versus erosion (acid breakdown of teeth). The dentist should do a comprehensive exam to evaluate the airway in which you breathe and tongue position along with tooth shape and patterns that the teeth come together when in function. The reason for the shortening of teeth must be determined before any type of treatment is selected such as bonding, veneers, or crowns. Early detection and prevention are the keys to staying healthy and looking great.

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