Baby Teeth Care

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What to do when it is time for baby teeth care.

Baby chewing on a teething toy.Congratulations on your new baby! One day you notice (after much crying by the young one!) the first little tooth pushing through the gum. Yea!

Over the next couple of years that one little tooth will be replaced by two full rows of amazing little baby teeth and you will be thinking about baby teeth care.

Although we all know from experience that those teeth are coming out and being replaced, it is still very important to take great care of those teeth. Without healthy baby teeth, chewing and even speech can be an issue. Plus those baby teeth are placeholders for future adult teeth! Let’s look at ways to care for baby teeth and keep them free of decay.

Start with the gums.

Even before the first tooth appears, work on the gums. Keeping gums clean will help to not only keep away bacteria but a baby becomes used to a routine of care in the mouth setting the stage for their involvement in teeth care later on.

The best method it to simply use a soft, moistened washcloth or piece of gauze to gently wipe down your baby’s gums at least twice a day. The best times are just like teeth care – after feedings and before bedtime.

Baby teeth care.

As soon as the first tooth makes its appearance choose a toothbrush! It is best to initially use a soft brush with a small head and a large handle for obvious reasons.

At first there is no need for any paste as a very gentle brushing will be best to introduce the baby to the brush. Just wet the brush and use a few strokes while trying to make it fun.

At about three years, or at the advice of your dentist, start with a pea size of fluoride toothpaste and brush gently all around the teeth making sure to get front and back!

At some point, your child will want to take over and you will probably be more than happy to turn that task over to them. Supervise until you see they can brush and spit out properly.

It is important to keep a smart watch for anything unusual like brown or white spots or pits on the teeth. Obviously a visit to a pediatric dentist or your dentist would be in order here!

If in Albuquerque, come by one of our towns friendliest and voted best dentists. Dr. Abeyta can offer advice on baby teeth care as well as teething, fluoride and other questions you might have.

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