Laser Therapy for Cold Sores!

Laser Therapy for Cold Sores!

Laser Therapy for Cold Sores!

Laser therapy for cold sores can stop the lesion from becoming a full-blown open sore.  Cold sores or fever blisters, are blisters that form in the mouth or around the lips. The virus typically enters the body through a break in the skin. It can spread through contact by sharing food, utensils, razors or kissing.  A parent who is infected can pass it to their children.

Laser Therapy for Cold Sores

What are Symptoms of a Cold Sore?

A cold sore typically starts with a tingling sensation, pain or itching around the affected area.  Once the lesion appears, it will break open, leak a semi-clear fluid and then crust over, leaving an embarrassing sore that may take a few days or two weeks to completely heal.  Unfortunately, they can be very painful.

How Do You Treat a Cold Sore?

Cold sores will heal on their own but to help with any discomfort, treatments can include awful tasting mouthwashes, messy creams and ointments.  A more effective way is laser therapy.  According to a recent study by PMC, laser treatment reduced the length of recovery time and pain severity faster than treatment with acyclovir cream.

As soon as you feel that tingling sensation schedule a laser treatment.  If the sore has already erupted, the laser can take away the discomfort and aide in the healing process.

How Can I Prevent a Cold Sore?

There is no cure for the herpes simplex virus but by making a few healthy changes you can lessen the chance of an outbreak.

  • Both stress and lack of sleep can take a toll on the immune system and fire up the herpes virus. Strive for a good night’s sleep and exercise regularly to help relieve stress.
  • A poor diet filled with sugary snacks and drinks is an invitation for a cold sore to pop up. Eat foods that are Lysine-rich like vegetables, legumes, milk, cheese and fish.
  • Avoid excessive exposer to the sun. 
  • Adapt good hygiene habits.

If you experience cold sore outbreaks, talk to Dr. Abeyta in Albuquerque, NM about Laster Therapy Treatment at (505) 293-7611.  She is an expert in laser technology, and can help you control your breakouts for years to come.

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Laser Assisted TMJ Relief Treatment

Laser Assisted TMJ Relief Treatment

Laser Assisted TMJ Relief Treatment

Part Two

Other Treatments

There are several options available, such as wearing an appliance, exercises or anti-inflammatory medications. However, in regards to TMJ, they do not provide as long lasting or effective results as laser therapy. 

That being said, what works for one individual might not work for another.  TMJ has many components and variables that your dentist will take into consideration when putting together a treatment plan.   

An Man Getting Laser Assisted TMJ Relief Treatment at the Dentist

An overall plan might include:

Myofunctional Therapy – Treatment for disorders of the muscles and functions of the face and mouth. It is characterized by an abnormal lip, jaw, or tongue position during rest, swallowing, or speech.

TMJ Acupuncture Therapy – Addressing whole body needs, this form of treatment incorporates Oriental Medicine to reduce inflammation and balance the mind, body, and spirit.

Occlusal Guard Therapy – An appliance that fits over the teeth to protect the teeth from excessive wear and repositions the jaw into a comfortable and stable position to allow for proper blood flow into the joint to allow repair and healing.

Is TMJ Laser therapy Painful?

The Fotona Laser is a comprehensive piece of dental technology. It is transforming the way dentist perform basic and complex dental procedures. This all-inclusive laser can deliver greater patient comfort, faster healing, and better overall accuracy than traditional laser treatments.

The result is immediate pain relief as the healing process is stimulated in your muscle and tissue. The cold laser stimulates cell growth and increases the blood flow, which not only reduces pain but which also produces long-term benefits and long-lasting relief.  Most patients do not experience pain during the procedure.

What are the benefits of TMJ Laser therapy?

There are many benefits of TMJ laser therapy including:

  • Less discomfort during treatment
  • Reduced post treatment pain and swelling
  • Rapid healing time
  • Less bleeding
  • Fewer post-surgical complications
  • Less trauma to the surrounding dental tissue
  • Bacterial reduction

How Many Treatments Will it Take?

There are several variables that will determine the number of treatments a patient will need such as the severity of the TMJ.  Typically, 5 to 6 treatments are required.

If you are experiencing pain, a clicking or popping sound, headaches or shoulder pain in the jaw area talk to your dentist about TMJ laser therapy.  Dr. Abeyta in Albuquerque offers advanced technology for faster, pain free, and more effective care in every aspect of her practice.  Call today to schedule your appointment at (505)-293-7611