Chi Energy Galvanic Facial

Chi animates all things by infusing it with life.


Chi, or Qi, is often described as the life force of all matter. It is a part of all things in Taoism. Chi is responsible for the function of organs in people and animals. This energy circulates through the entire body by way of the blood. It provides its own form of nutrition to all the cells. Taoists believe that humans ingest chi with the air they breathe, the water they drink and with the food they eat. Once inside the body, it is able to move freely to perform many functions. These functions involve proper operation and performance of the person.

Taoists believe chi is an aura. They believe they can physically see this aura radiating around holy people and those with high degrees of it within them. People here in the West are more skeptical of the existence of chi. However, we are a minority of this skepticism across the world.

The Taoist concept of chi is practiced in Chinese medical centers. But here in the U.S., anywhere acupuncture or acupressure techniques are used, it is founded on these chi principles. These techniques are designed to stimulate chi to help with the body’s healing. This is the case with Chi Energy Galvanic Treatment as well.

Using this principle, the Chi Energy Galvanic Facial Treatment promotes rapid cell metabolism, skin renewal and helps to clear skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The galvanic treatments revitalize the skin by increasing blood circulation, improving muscle tone and firmness, promoting rapid cell metabolism and renewal, and clearing blocked pores.  A wide variety of skin problems can be addressed with this system.

What to expect during your Chi Energy Galvanic Facial Treatment:

  • Lasts approximately 1 hour.
  • Involves the use of mild electric currents
  • A specialized pre-treatment gel with a negative charge is applied to clean, dry skin (desincrustation) this helps cleanse the pores.
  • After the pre-treatment gel is removed with a damp washcloth, the second gel (iontophoresis), the nutrition step,  is positively charged. It is applied to the skin and left on during the use of the instrument.
  • The aesthetician uses a galvanic messenger with a chrome base that conducts the galvanic current directly onto the skin.

The facial is fairly painless and may cause some normal muscle twitching. You are able to apply makeup immediately following the treatment in the event of minor redness developing from the treatment. Regular treatments are recommended to maintain results. Dr. Alicia Abeyta offers Chi Energy (Galvanic) facials to help you restore your life force and take years off your appearance.

Lip Enhancement: The New Botox?

Lip Enhancement is quickly becoming the new Botox.

lip enhancement

We can’t give Kylie Jenner and the ridiculous ‘Kylie Jenner lip challenge’ all the credit. Obsession with full lips has slowly gained popularity throughout the years even preceding Angelina Jolie. Lip enhancement has been around for years, just recently gaining more popularity. Also referred to as lip injections and lip augmentation. lip enhancement through injections is an effective way to enhance the fullness of your lips.

Having full lips is often associated with good health, beauty and youth. Some of us aren’t lucky enough to have been born with full lips. And for some, natural aging cause our lips to thin over time. Using natural or synthetic fillers, lip enhancement can result in fuller, plumper lips for months at a time. For a more permanent solution, procedures such as surgical implants can be performed. Thousands and thousands of people, both men and women, undergo successful lip enhancement procedures every year. And are pleased with the results, because the huge majority go back for repeat procedures. There are a number of reasons people have lip enhancement procedures performed. Among them, the most common were:

  • Genetics. A person’s lips have always been thin and disappear when you smile. If you want to plump up thin lips or create a fuller look you are a good candidate. Also, If your smile and your top lip, or both lips disappear, you may benefit from lip enhancement.
  • Aging. As you age, your lips have become thinner and less full. Aging seems like an uphill battle with wrinkles alone. But we also get thinner lips as we age too.
  • Insecurity. If you feel self-conscious about how your lips look, this may be perfect for you. There are techniques that can improve uneven lips, the shape of your mouth and how much your gums show when you smile.
  • Symmetry. Having fuller lips will help balance out your face. This was true in Kylie Jenner’s face. She has large, beautiful eyes but had very narrow, thin lips. Her result was remarkable. It completely changed her look and created a balance to her face where there wasn’t one before her lip enhancement.

Facials Promote New Skin Cell Production

How do you keep your skin looking young, fresh and clean? Skin needs to produce new healthy layers to replace the old ones. Facials promote new skin layers to generate!

facials promote new skin


Facials are often viewed as a luxury item, a way to relax. Well, that may be true, but as you age your skin, like the rest of you, has more difficulty recovering. In order for your skin to recover it needs to produce new skin cells. Facials promote new skin cell production by stimulating the epidermis (skin) in different ways to tell it to get to work!

The Non-Professional View:

You want to look younger, but you’ve done so much damage over the years. Sun exposure, smoking, drinking, pollution, stress, even laughing.  These all have caused your skin to look aged, maybe beyond your years.  I can say, every time I look in the mirror, I think “Youth is wasted on the young.”

So what I’m saying is this:  The research shows, facials promote new skin generation which will help counteract the years of negative impact from life. Oh, and of course it is relaxing, so that’s a plus.  🙂 

The Professional View:

There are several benefits of facial treatments to promote new skin production and regeneration. 

Deep-Cleansing:  Remove toxins, grease and dirt. It also reduces an overabundance of sebum (which is a natural substance moisturizes and lubricates the skin which may cause acne problems.) Deep-cleansing facials also open the pores of the skin, remove dead skin and toxins from the face, and clean the surface of the skin through exfoliation. Each of these benefits will promote new skin production.

Increase Circulation:  As you know, circulation is important for any organ, muscle or body function to work properly. Your skin is an organ. Facials increase the circulation to your facial skin. This is often why your skin turns red after a facial. You have more blood flow. This is good! The skin on your face is receiving the extra circulation of blood it needs to produce new, fresh, vibrant skin to allow you to look younger or maybe even just your age.   

Relaxation:  A facial is literally a massage for your face. Remember how good it feels for someone to massage your shoulders or your feet. Imagine how much muscular stress you put your face through every day. Even if a facial only relaxes that little stress crease in between your eyebrows it’s worth it. 

Call Dr. Alicia Abeyta for a Consultation to Healthier Skin today!

Strange Facials That Are Less Glamorous

Last time you read about luxury facials: chocolate, wine and gold. Here are some that are truly creepy.

Placenta in face cream doesn’t seem to bother us anymore. There are qualities in seemingly “gross” substances that are great for our skin. Let’s see what you think about these.

Snail Facial

During this typically Asian facial a technician will place up to 5 high grade snail on your face. The snail will squirm around your skin, the technician replacing them if they move to far in one direction or another. 

Why snails? First of all the snail bread in pure environments of fresh vegetable and clean soil. They are not just out of the backyard garden. Some claim the rejuvenation from the snail comes from the mucus it secretes. Some claim this mucus is a  beauty-boosting cocktail of proteins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. The effect of this facial is plumpness of the skin.

This facial has not been well researched by the science/medical community.

bird poop facial

The Nightingale

Bird Excrement Facial

The “Bird Poop” facial is another technique from Asia. Originally, Nightingale excrement was used by woman to remove facial dye (make up) completely. When the geisha used this remove make up their skin was left smooth, rejuvenated and healthy.

The technician mixed the cream-colored poop, dried and finely ground, into a bowl and mixes it with the rice bran using a small spatula. The mixture gets brush on the skin and massaged in by fingers. The skin is stripped of oil, dirt and dry skin, and left clean and smooth.

This facial technique that has not been well tested in the scientific community. 

Spermine Facial

Apparently there is a component in semen that is a powerful antioxident providing a smoothing of facial wrinkles. The celebrity spokes person for this facial is Heather Locklear. For the men reading this don’t get excited… the facial is done in a professional spa by a trained technician. The facial cream is laboratory formulated free of any toxins and enhanced with moisturizers. However, many of the celebs promoting this facial do joke, “You just smear semen on your face.”

The testing on this facial has been tested and is inconclusive. 

These three strange facial are not offered by Dr. Alicia Abeyta. Our office offers a package of facial techniques that have been well researched and are known for their high quality, comfortable, safe affects.  Call today for a consultation to discuss your needs.

Very Strange Facial Practices

I read an article that struck me as a very strange facial practice. The question is what would you do for beauty?

For centuries humans have been participating in practices that seem really strange, but it is the name of beauty. We all want to look beautiful and feel beautiful, but at what cost? We shave, get waxed, apply chemicals, sit in mud, peel, undergo surgery, all for the hope of being more beautiful!

strange facials

The Chocolate Facial:

This one doesn’t seem too bad, all be it unusual, I’d be totally into it 😀

Advertised Benefits:

  • Epicatechin is the antioxident in chocolate, it is known to reduce signs of aging in the skin
  • Cocoa butter is a natural moisturizer
  • The smell of chocolate encourages the release of serotonin causing you to feel happy
  • Chocolate contains trace amount of iron, potassium and magnesium.

The number one location to receive a chocolate facial is in Hersey, PA. Obviously!

The Wine Facial:

Do you get to choose red or white? The active agent in wine is polyphenol and resveratrol.

Advertised Benefits:

  • Improve circulation
  • Help to even skin tone and brighten dull skin
  • Relieve stress, anxiety and even headaches.
  • Wine is usually mixed with a medium such as aloe vera gel
  • Type of wine itself is chosen based on skin type

Many wineries have high end hotel/spas nearby that offer wine facial treatments.

Oxygen Facial:

You’re probably thinking this should be free.

Advertised Benefits:

  • Promotes plumpness in skin, reducing wrinkles
  • Smooths rough skin
  • Hydrates skin immediately

This process involves small, high pressured blasts of medical grade pure oxygen combined with moisturizers at your face. The oxygen improves absorption.

Gemstone Facial:

What?? Well, from the perspective of Gemology, different gems bring different energy.  Vedic astrology is a complicated study, I found a thorough site if you are interested in getting more information.


The facial is based on your need astrologically… There are nine gems

  1. Ruby for the Sun,
  2. Pearl for the Moon,
  3. Coral for Mars,
  4. Emerald for Mercury,
  5. Yellow sapphire for Jupiter,
  6. Diamond for Venus,
  7. Blue sapphire for Saturn,
  8. Hessonite for Rahu (the ascending node of the Moon)
  9. Cat’s eye for Ketu (the descending node of the Moon)

I don’t know about this one. This is more of a lifestyle, not a quick endeavor.

Gold Facial:

Okay, here’s the one for people with too much money! This is so Egyptian.

strange facial

Advertised Benefits:

  • Reduce the appearance of age spots
  • Minimize wrinkles
  • Promote firm skin.
  • UMO’s version uses Gamma PGA, a soybean-derived hydrating compound, and a special mist delivery system

You can obtain this service at our own Santa Fe, Eldorado Hotel for a mere $500 for a single treatment.

You were probably expecting worms and fungus based strange facials. There are others that are far less glamorous, we’ll get to those next time.

These facial options are extravagant and not necessarily proven to work. Dr. Alicia Abeyta offers classic, highly effective spa services at an upscale, comfortable, professional office in Northeast Albuquerque. Call today for a consultation!

Facials Take the Stress Out of Your Face

Guess what? The stress you feel everyday can be softened by regular facials!

When you are stressed, your brow furrows, you squint, the cheeks pierce, and your mouth puckers. Day after day, year after year those unconscious facial muscles become long lasting, deeply engraved facial wrinkles. When you are young your skin is supported by vibrant taught muscles; your skins lies flat over these muscles. As you age, your facial muscles weaken causing ripples; these ripples are visible through your skin. 

Out of morbid curiosity I decided to download an age progression AP on my tablet and see what I was in store for. It’s called AgingBooth by PiVi & Co. Here are my results:

Facial aging before Facial aging after

A little scary, don’t you think. Okay so what can I do to take care of my face? Well for one, I can stop smoking. There’s a no brain-er. I can start wearing sun screen on my face, being that I live in a high altitude desert. Then I can start doing facial exercises and getting facials. 

In my research for this post, I discovered Carolyn’s Facial Fitness, a great website. Click on the image to the right to view an interactive facial exercise chart. I imagine that like all other muscles in the body, exercise is the only way to keep them strong as you age.  facial exercise

Acne is another cause of stress on the facial skin.

Try to think of a time when you were particularly stress, did you get a pimple? Was your skin more sensitive than usual?

Stress keeps us from getting regular nights of sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep it reducing healthy blood flow and make it difficult to keep hydrated, except for more coffee or caffeinated, carbonated beverages. Sorry, those don’t count for hydration. 

Ok… Time to talk about facials. 

I went to get my hair cut yesterday. I took the time, spent the money and the only thing I could think when I left was, “Oh, I look old!”

Implementing facials into your life are like getting a regular hair cut, manicure, pedicure or massage. The difference is that it directly impacts the appearance of your face. 

There are spa facilities around our country that focus on your personal needs for maintaining healthy skin specifically on your face. Find one near you who can provide a personal consultation to discuss your needs and options.

In the Albuquerque area call Dr. Alicia Abeyta Today!