Facial Treatments, What are the Benefits?

A facial treatment can be viewed as a luxury item, similar to a pedicure or a massage. Is it a luxury or preventative medicine.

When I think about getting a facial, I think about all the other things I could spend that money on, food, gas, bills. I don’t usually consider it a priority, until I look in the mirror… at my wrinkles… and the dark circles under my eyes… and my dry, flaky skin. I also don’t take vitamins regularly… until I start feeling sick. I also don’t exercise regularly… until I run out of breath walking up the stairs to my bedroom. 

There are many ways we can care for our bodies to make our lives a little (or a lot) more enjoyable. 


For the sake of this blog lets focus on the Benefits of a Facial!

Skin Care: This is the primary reason to seek a facial treatment. Your face is what the world sees first. Many people you meet are judging you solely on your appearance. While I could go on a tangent expressing how it is so shallow and people should look at what’s inside a person, the fact is we all do it, even the most compassionate, understanding. Have you ever seen a blind person feel someone’s face, same thing.  The health of your skin matters, you associate skin with someone’s ability and interest in caring for one’s self.

Relaxation: A facial is like a massage of your face and often neck. The Aesthetician often uses creams, oils or lotions to refresh, exfoliate, invigorate, cleanse and moisturize. The results are often younger looking, more revitalized skin. 

Do you care how other’s view you or do you just care how you view yourself?

For women, the answer to this question may change from day to day. You work, emotionally, to focus on your self-image, and your self talk. Like it or not you have a hard time not caring what other’s think as well. You should care! Don’t let people get distracted looking at your aging face, let them get distracted by the brilliance of your words and the love in your heart!



Facials given in a Dentist’s office?

Why would a dentist offer facials?

This was my question. The answer caused me to have an “Aha!” moment.

The way we approach our lives is in separates. We often don’t buy a wardrobe we buy pieces. We mix and match. We do the same with food. We buy things that we like to eat not a balanced day of nutrition. Daily activities, we work, we may exercise, sleep, spend time with friends and family. We don’t balance each day or our week in a whole picture way.

The health care world is beginning to encourage us to take a big picture approach instead of hounding us for specifics. Overall health is important, it allows us to care for ourselves without taking out the stuff we that makes us feel good. Health care providers are starting to combine services to offer a larger picture solution for our bodies.


Dr. Alicia Abeyta in Albuquerque, NM, offers dental services combined with spa services. Aside from basic and advanced care of your teeth, she looks at your rest of your head and neck to relieve pain and tension often tied in with your teeth and jaws.  She considers overall comfort and long term results by combining services. 

WebMD offers an article on this exact topic check it out. Open Wide and Relax.

Click on this link Dr. Abeyta’s site to see what dentists can offer and find a dentist near you who has your whole picture health in mind.


Microdermabrasion offered at a Dental Spa

What is Microdermabrasion and why would you want it?

Microdermabrasion is a technique of scrubbing the skin with fine particles, to remove dead skin cells carefully and purposefully in order for your skin to restore the old with the new. 

As is the case with most procedures for my own body, I do seek home remedies first. I don’t like to spend the money, I don’t like to schedule the time. Then I find my short cut in “doing it myself” has also fallen short of getting the job done. So often I’ve been encouraged to “let the pros handle it.” Every time I do I am glad I spent the money and the time. 

Taking care of your body without the help of health professionals is similar to fixing your car by reading an instruction manual. Although you may be able to get the job done you don’t have the experience to know what else needs to be taken care of aside from the specific part you’re fixing. 

People have been seeking different ways to look younger and healthier. Microdermabrasion has become a popular option to the more invasive procedures like face lifts. The procedure compels your skin to regenerate new layers of skin more quickly. Removing the epidermis layer of dead, weathered skin cells tells your skin organ it’s time to start working. Our skin is continuously, naturally regenerating skin. It is not a traumatic duty for our bodies to do it on demand. It allows a temporary, natural, revitalized look. It is temporary because our skin constantly regenerates anyway.

Skin Anatomy for Microdermabrasion

Photo Courtesy of HowStuffWorks.com

There are some with particular types of skin conditions who should not consider Microdermabrasion, yet another reason to seek advice and care from a health care professional.


Health.howstuffworks.com offers an helpful article about Microdermabrasion.

This article discusses at length the process of the procedure as well as recommendations for what types of skin conditions are best candidates.

In Albuquerque, Dr. Alicia Abeyta offers a Dental Spa, with a wide range of services to help you look and feel better about your health and appearance.

Spa Services

School got you down? Are you in need of a little rejuvenation?

At Dr. Abeyta’s office, she offers facial rejuvenations  in many forms including galvanic current and microdermabrasion.  Dr. Abeyta believes in a holistic, whole body approach to caring for your health.  Check out her website today!

Essential Oil Therapy

At Dr. Abeyta’s office essential oils are combined with her treatments so that you may have the most relaxing and holistic experience possible.

Essential oils are distilled  and purified liquids from plants that are used as therapies to treat things such as anxiety and stress.  These oils have been used for centuries in many cultures.  In addition, essential oils can help ward off sickness and disease and create a protection to these things.


Omorfos Mati

The Omorfos Mati treatment is designed to treat your tired eyes.

In this luxurious treatment, you will help relieve your tired eyes and relax your wrinkles through massage and enhancement.  Call to schedule your appointment today!!!