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Conscious Sedation – because everyone deserves a great smile!

Does the thought of going to the dentist make your whole body tense with fear? Would you rather suffer mouth pain than take a trip to the dentist? Believe me, you are not alone. Most people are so phobic about seeing a dentist that they put it off for years at a time.

If you are one of those people who fear the dentist, conscious sedation dentistry may be a perfect solution. Conscious sedation can be used for everything from a simple tooth cleaning to an invasive procedure. The level of your fear will determine how it is used during your office visit.

What is conscious sedation dentistry?

To help patients relax during a common dental procedure medications are used. Some dentist offices refer to it as sleep dentistry, though that’s not really what it is. The patient is awake during the procedure unless actually put under general anesthesia for something more invasive like extraction of wisdom teeth or other major oral surgery.

What are the levels of sedation?

1. You are awake but very relaxed.
2. You are awake, very relaxed, may find yourself slurring your words when trying to talk and sometimes you won’t remember much of the visit.
3. You are on the brink of consciousness but can be awakened.

What types of drugs are used?

1. Oral Sedation is the use of anti-anxiety medication taken a few hours before your appointment. Oral Sedation will calm you before and during your appointment. These pills also can help you to relax and relieve any anxiety you may have. Oral Sedation is one of the best options for conscious sedation in patients that have moderate to severe dental anxiety. Because these pills also help with falling asleep, you must make sure that someone else will be able to bring you and pick you up from your appointment.
2. Nitrous Oxide, or more commonly known as Laughing Gas, is breathed through a mask during your appointment. Laughing Gas will allow you to be aware of your surroundings while giving you a sense of bliss. Laughing Gas is most effective for people that have mild to moderate dental anxiety. Laughing Gas will also allow you to return to your normal activities, including being able to drive yourself to your appointment.

Conscious sedation will not replace a local anesthetic or numbing medication if the dentist does need to take care of a cavity or is working in your mouth. You don’t want to feel pain when getting that tooth taken care of any more than you want to feel anxious just walking into the dentist office.
Can I have conscious sedation?

If you suffer from high anxiety just thinking about making an appointment with your dentist, absolutely! Or if you have a low threshold for pain, a bad gag reflex, sensitive teeth or need a great amount of work done.

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