Conscious Sedation

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Many dentists offer two types of conscious sedation: oral sedation with anti-anxiety medication and nitrous oxide.

conscious sedation

If going to the dentist makes you nervous, you are not alone. But conscious sedation can help you relax and make your visit much more pleasant. Although there are many types of sedation, two are most commonly used by experienced and trained gentle dentists. Nitrous oxide also called laughing gas, is the first. This can be a light (anxiolysis) or medium level (conscious) sedation depending on the level your dentist sees appropriate for you. The second is oral sedation with an anti-anxiety medication. Oral medication is typically light sedation. Light sedation eases fears and anxieties. You may not even be aware that you had the procedure.  Medium sedation allows for the ability to answer questions (being conscious) in a relaxed state.  Discuss your anxiety with your dentist. They will let you know which options are available to ease your anxiety. The type of sedation will depend on different factors. Some of these include:

  • Your anxiety level.
  • What procedure or treatment they will be performing.
  • The training and education of the dentist.

Speaking with your dentist before a procedure and discussing your fears and anxieties will help to determine which one will be best for you. Once you and your dentist discuss which sedation is right for you, she will explain the necessary procedures to follow. Be sure to let her know all medications, even over the counter, you are taking. Communication is crucial if you want to make your procedure much more pleasant. Dentists will not necessarily know you have fears and anxiety unless you tell them.

There are many different types and levels of sedation. Not all dentists are specially trained in conscious sedation. Many require specific educational training and experience. Find a qualified dentist who has this specialized training. Dr. Alicia Abeyta is specially trained in conscious sedation. She offers different options to suit your individual needs. Visit Best Albuquerque Dentist to learn more about conscious sedation or to schedule an appointment today.

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