You don’t need dental insurance to participate in a great dental benefit program for you and your family.

Dr. Alicia Abeyta  knows that many patients and people in the community don’t have dental insurance. That is why we offer Dr. Abeyta’s Loyalty Club, a dental benefit program specifically designed for individuals and families without dental insurance. This program is a genuine alternative to dental insurance, requiring no premiums, claims, waiting periods, deductibles or annual maximums. Patients who enroll in the program receive the following benefits:

  • Completely free to participate. No monthly costs or premiums.
  • 10% off all dental fees at our practice after you refer 2 patients to our office
  • Access to financial tools like free health savings accounts.
  • Discounts at participating Specialists.
  • $100 off New patient exam


You may enroll yourself and any dependent in this dental benefit program. Because there are no monthly premiums or costs to participate, we encourage participating patients to enroll to receive a free health savings accounts compatible with their membership. Qualifying patients can make automatic monthly contributions to these accounts, many of which offer tax benefits, allow contributions to roll  over each year, and most importantly, are owned by the patients themselves.

We believe Dr. Abeyta’s Loyalty Club may be a better alternative for your dental health than traditional dental insurance and would love to talk with you about how it can benefit you and your family. To participate in our program, give us a call at 505-293-7611 to receive your participation card and to get enrolled.

Click Here to view/download a four page PDF which illustrates your potential cost savings over conventional dental insurance programs.


Dr. Abeyta dental insurance plan
Please call (505) 293-7611, or Contact us by email, for answers to any questions You may have.