Dental General Anesthesia

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Your dentist may recommend dental general anesthesia for your child based on conditions expected during a procedure.

Dental General Anesthesia in Albuquerque

Many years of experience in the dental field allows Dr. Abeyta to recommend the best option for conscious sedation where required during a visit to the office.

Most often sedation can be handled easily with nitrous oxide or oral sedatives. Under certain conditions it is better to have a child completely relaxed. Some of those times would include when your child:

• is unable to relax or calm down long enough for the treatment to be performed safely.
• requires oral surgery or other more major dental treatment.
• requires a lot of dental work that must be completed at one sitting.
• Has disabilities that might limit their ability to comprehend the situation.

There is some small risk with general anesthesia and Dr. Abeyta will certainly discuss the risks and benefits with you and explain why this is the best option.

Professional training is required for dental general anesthesia and will be provided by an anesthesiologist, a dental anesthesiologist, or an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

The training these professionals have enables them to deliver the medicines as well as monitor your child safely during the procedure. Your child will be provided a physical examination before receiving any dental general anesthesia to ensure there are no conditions that could interfere with or be affected by the anesthesia.

Some guidelines for your appointment would include:

• Be sure to follow all Dr. Abeyta’s directions about eating and drinking before and after the procedure.

• Explain to your child what to expect using simple terms and be sure to give them plenty of time to digest what is going to happen to prevent fear of the unknown.

• Quiet rest after the procedure is good but they will be ready to get back to normal the next day!
We have used dental general anesthesia many times with great results. If you have any questions at all just let us know!

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