Dental Insurance Alternatives

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Insurance in the health care industry has become a bad word. Dental Insurance is one area where you may have an alternative.

Health Care businesses are finding creative ways for patients/customers to finance services in order to avoid acquiring Insurance, including medical insurance, vision insurance and dental insurance. 

When asking your provider for potential options for payment be sure to ask if they offer any specific options provided by their office. Doctors and dentists are in “Business,” and just like your cellular provider they want to promote and encourage your customer loyalty. Some are offering programs to benefit you as well as themselves. 

Some potential benefits of a Dental Benefits Program vs. Dental Insurance are:

With A Dental Benefits Programs patients enjoy:

  • No upfront costs, fees or premiums.
  • A discounted fee schedule
  • A selection of participating providers
  • Free Health Savings Account
  • Open to Family and Dependents
  • Your freedom to select treatments
  • No payment or loss of unused benefits

With Classic Dental Insurance patients are vulnerable to:

  • Added Costs: Subscriber pays for processing claims and dealing with insurance companies
  • Unused Benefits: Most benefits and annual maximums don’t roll over if unused
  • Third Party Decisions: Insurance companies determine what treatments will be covered, not the patient or dentist.

To Learn More About the Differences View a User Friendly Guide below


Dental Insurance

You may feel you have no choices anymore when it comes to caring for your health and that of your family. The doctors and dentists have heard you. They are learning how to put the care of the patient back in the patient’s hands. Learn how to become an active participant in your health care plan and choices. There are some perks you don’t get because you don’t know to ask.

Ask the questions!

Get the perks!

Take Charge of your Choices!


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