Patient comfort is important in our office.

Dr. Abeyta uses a much more comfortable system, called the Isolite system in her practice.  Due to patient comfort we do not utilize clamps around the teeth or materials like the rubber dam.
The Isolite system is a two step process. The first step is a flexible lip retractor that enables Dr. Abeyta to have a larger view of the area of concern. The second step is a comfortable tooth rest that allows your mouth to stay in a relaxed position throughout the procedure. As an added feature, Isolite aids in the elimination of saliva and debris throughout the oral cavity during your procedure.  This prevents you from swallowing harmful bacteria.   Dr. Abeyta implements this system in all restorative procedures from fillings to crowns as part of her committment to quality.  As a patient, you will appreciate this system not only for the comfort factor but also because your time in the dental chair is reduced.