Chi Energy Galvanic Facial

The Galvanic Treatment promotes rapid cell metabolism, skin renewal, and helps to clear blocked pores. The galvanic treatments revitalize the skin by increasing blood circulation, improving muscle tone and firmness, promoting rapid cell metabolism and renewal, and clearing blocked pores.

Chi Energy galvanic facial

A wide variety of skin problems can be addressed with this system:

  • Acne
  • Excessive Oiliness
  • Dry Skin
  • Dark Under-Eye Circles
  • Wrinkles


After a galvanic facial, your skin will feel refreshed and have a more youthful, radiant appearance.

What to expect during your Galvanic Facial.

    • Lasts approximately 1 hour
    • Involves the use of mild electric currents
    • A specialized pre-treatment gel with a negative charge is applied to clean, dry skin (desincrustation) this helps cleanse the pores.
    • After the pre-treatment gel is removed with a damp washcloth
    • The second gel (iontophoresis), the nutrition step,  is positively charged. It is applied to the skin and left on during the use of the instrument.
    • The aesthetician uses a galvanic messenger with a chrome base that conducts the galvanic current directly onto the skin.
    • This facial is relatively painless.
    • You may feel a mild tingling sensation (normal)
    • Your muscles may twitch slightly (normal) but this is normal.
    • You can apply makeup directly after the treatment to cover up any redness that may occur.


The results are temporary, so regular treatments are required to maintain your results. For maximum benefits, you should aim for once a week for the first two months, followed by about once every three months after that.

$120 or $598 for a series of 6 sessions
Please call (505) 293-7611, or Contact us by email, to schedule your Chi Energy galvanic facial with Dr. Abeyta.