Goddess of Beauty facial at Dr. Abeyta's Medical Spa

Goddess of Beauty Custom Facial

  • 30 Minute Deluxe $60
  • 60 Minute Premiere $100
  • 90 Minute Elite $125


Our Goddess of Beauty Custom Facials can address a variety of needs ranging from:

  • Premature Aging
  • Environmental Damage
  • Acne Flare-ups
  • Dull and Patchy Complexions

Everyday life causes damage and aging to your face. There is no reason to just accept the condition of life to cause damage to your skin.

Our Aesthetician will listen to your concerns and examine you skincare needs. Then will discuss with you your options based on your consultation. You may choose from a 30, 60 or 90 minute specialized facial treatment.

Your custom facial may consist of creams, lotions and masks specific to your needs. May also include extractions.

Please call (505) 293-7611, or Contact us by email, and let us customize a relaxing facial for You with Dr. Abeyta.