Facial Treatments, What are the Benefits?

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A facial treatment can be viewed as a luxury item, similar to a pedicure or a massage. Is it a luxury or preventative medicine.

When I think about getting a facial, I think about all the other things I could spend that money on, food, gas, bills. I don’t usually consider it a priority, until I look in the mirror… at my wrinkles… and the dark circles under my eyes… and my dry, flaky skin. I also don’t take vitamins regularly… until I start feeling sick. I also don’t exercise regularly… until I run out of breath walking up the stairs to my bedroom. 

There are many ways we can care for our bodies to make our lives a little (or a lot) more enjoyable. 


For the sake of this blog lets focus on the Benefits of a Facial!

Skin Care: This is the primary reason to seek a facial treatment. Your face is what the world sees first. Many people you meet are judging you solely on your appearance. While I could go on a tangent expressing how it is so shallow and people should look at what’s inside a person, the fact is we all do it, even the most compassionate, understanding. Have you ever seen a blind person feel someone’s face, same thing.  The health of your skin matters, you associate skin with someone’s ability and interest in caring for one’s self.

Relaxation: A facial is like a massage of your face and often neck. The Aesthetician often uses creams, oils or lotions to refresh, exfoliate, invigorate, cleanse and moisturize. The results are often younger looking, more revitalized skin. 

Do you care how other’s view you or do you just care how you view yourself?

For women, the answer to this question may change from day to day. You work, emotionally, to focus on your self-image, and your self talk. Like it or not you have a hard time not caring what other’s think as well. You should care! Don’t let people get distracted looking at your aging face, let them get distracted by the brilliance of your words and the love in your heart!



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