Dr. Abeyta is a Fastbraces Provider

A perfect smile boosts confidence and changes the way the world looks at you. Perhaps more importantly, straight teeth are functional teeth. Misaligned teeth or gaps between them can cause a myriad of health problems down the road.

Fastbraces can give you the perfect smile you're looking for

Everyone wants straight teeth. However, nobody wants to spend months or years with uncomfortable, difficult to maintain metal braces bonded to their teeth. This is where Fastbraces come in — they can give you the perfect smile you’re looking for in about 120 days!

Of course, each case is different. Depending on the severity of misalignment, treatment may take more or less than 120 days. However, Fastbraces are certainly going to be faster than traditional braces. They aren’t the best option for every patient, but for the majority of people they are a faster, easier, more comfortable option than traditional braces.

Types of Fastbraces

There are two types of Fastbraces – Classic and Turbo. Classics come in both metal and clear ceramic. Depending on the needs of the individual patient, metal Classics may be used alone, clear ceramic Classics may be used alone, or a combination of the two may be employed. With the metal version, we are able to correct more severe misalignment than with ceramic, and are able to work more quickly. The ceramic versions also have the advantage of being less noticeable and removable.

Fastbraces Turbo integrate the best elements of the Classics, plus improvements in design and technology. They also come in both metal and ceramic configurations; however, there is no stand alone ceramic option in Turbo. The ceramic configuration simply supplements the metal configuration when appropriate. Fastbraces Turbo not only work faster than the Classic, but their improved bracket design makes them less likely to irritate the soft tissues of the mouth.

Fastbraces can shave months or even years off of your orthodontic treatment.

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