Dr. Abeyta, DDS Practices Dentistry with a Holistic Philosophy

Dr. Abeyta, DDS combines the most practices in advanced in contemporary dentistry with her belief and understanding in Holistic care. Dr. Abeyta’s offices and exam spaces offer not only thoughtfully luxurious non-clinical environment to promote client comfort and relaxation, while but also cutting edge technology and equipment. Dr. Abeyta, DDS and her team ambitiously seek continuing education, training and research opportunities to advance their skills and knowledge in the latest in technique and dental evolutions. This approach to dentistry provides exceptional skill, technology, and care creating experiences for each client that are unique to their individual needs.

One Mouth – One Body – One Connection

holistic dentistry

Holistic dentistry promotes the understanding that your Dental Health is absolutely intertwined with your overall body health. While providing basic dental care, a holistic dentist is also concerned with eliminating infections, and promoting optimal teeth / jaw / head / neck structural relationships.  These relationships are vital to support your body in maintaining a strong immune system and structural health.

Some differences between conventional dentistry and holistic dentistry are seen in procedure:

  • Use of Composite fillings; no longer using amalgam/mercury fillings
  • Knowing and practicing proper mercury removal
  • Consideration of heavy metal issues (electrical and toxic)
  • Multi-disciplinary healthcare (whole body)
  • Innovative client centered therapy options (nutritional, preventative, exercise)
  • TMJ therapy options
  • Diagnosis and treatment of restrictive breathing

Watch this Video to Learn More About Biomimetic Dentistry

Dr. Abeyta, DDS considers the environment in holistic philosophy

  • The use of digital radiography which can reduce radiation up to 90% more than traditional x-ray techniques
  • Mercury free, non-metal, non-toxic materials
  • The use of only fine tooth colored resin, porcelain, and high noble gold restorations
  • A specialized filtration system which allows for the environmentally sound disposal of old mercury fillings, to prevent pollution in our local waterways
  • An oral isolation device that prevents mercury exposure at the removal of silver amalgam fillings
  • Biodegradable sterilization solutions for cleaning of examinations areas
  • The use of steam based surgical grade instrument sterilization, which contains no harmful chemicals and reduces water use

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Supporting Our Integrative Approach to Dental Care:

Lee Medina, RDH, DOM

Dr. Lee Medina, DOM, is an advocate of a holistic health approach. Recognizing a correlation within the mouth and the health of the body, and understanding there was an aspect of patient care that could work within the two, led her to become a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

Lee will discuss your overall health and integrate both Medical and Dental care into your treatment. Whether it is TMJ pain or Anxiety, there is an integrative approach that can benefit your needs.

Sandraluz Gonzalez, RDH, certified orofacial myofunctional therapist

Sandraluz Gonzalez is a registered dental hygienist, and a certified orofacial myofunctional therapist. Learn more about her Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder therapy methods.

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMDs) are disorders of the muscles and functions of the face and mouth. OMDs may affect, directly and/or indirectly, chewing, swallowing, speech, occlusion, temporomandibular joint movement, oral hygiene, stability of orthodontic treatment, facial esthetics, and more.