Take Care of Your Teeth

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Take Care of Your Teeth and They’ll Take Care of You!

Anybody like going to see the dentist? I doubt it. But ignore your teeth and they’ll go away. Tooth pain and gum disease are no fun either.

Everyone from 1st grade on knows about flossing and brushing. Here is a list of things NOT to do you might not know about. Think twice about this list and help keep your teeth where they belong!

1. Lemon in your water. Who would have thought right? The problem is the lemon is highly acidic and over time can help erode the protective enamel on your teeth.

2. Teeth as tools. We all do it. Rip labels. Open packages. Chew things from fingernails to pencils. All have the potential to cause damage. Of course we shouldn’t even have to mention opening beer bottles with your teeth?

3. Popcorn. No, not the actual popcorn but kernels can cause problems. Many people think the un-popped kernels tasty, but the hard kernels can certainly damage teeth.

4. Chewing ice. Not only is ice hard, it is also cold! The combination of rapidly changing temperatures and hard ice can cause havoc on teeth.

5. Sugar. Sugar in candies, especially those that stick to your teeth like caramel and gummy candies are the worse. The sugar is hard to get off your teeth as well as acting like a glue against teeth that have had dental work leading to more problems.

6. Extreme sports. Have you ever spoken with a hockey player from the old days? Or a boxer? Rugby? You get the idea.

7. Snacking. More the point, those late night snacks can cause issues with food in the teeth all night as well as those that deal with acid reflux due in part to late night food. The acid from acid reflux is very bad for enamel.

8. Piercings. Some people are actually piercing their tongues and cheeks and placing metal which will do considerable damage over time to teeth it comes in contact with.

There you go. 8 things to pay more attention to so you can help keep those teeth you are so attached to! If you have any questions or need help – call Dr. Abeyta today at (505) 293-7611!

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