Laser Assisted TMJ Relief Treatment

Part I

Laser assisted TMJ relief treatment uses light to penetrate deep into the tissues surrounding the temporomandibular joint.  Laser energy decreases inflammation which promotes almost immediate relief. It also stimulates healing by increasing circulation. Laser therapy is one of the safest treatments for anyone who suffers from TMJ disorders.

Laser Assisted TMJ Relief Treatment

The temporomandibular joint or TMJ is the joint that connects your jawbone to your skull. This joint has a unique mechanism; the articular surfaces of the bones never come into contact with each other – they are separated by an articular disc. The presence of such a disc splits the joint into two synovial joint cavities, each lined by a synovial membrane. Dysfunction of the joint will not only irritate the outer part of the disc but also make it hard and brittle. The disc will eventually be displaced causing chronic inflammation and pain. One in every 12 people are affected by TMJ.

What are TMJ symptoms?

  • Pain or discomfort in the neck, shoulders, jaw joint and ear area.
  • Clicking or popping sound when the jaw is opened or closed.
  • Difficulty chewing food.
  • Swelling around the face area.
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Tooth pain

If you have any of the above issues, talk to a dentist such as Dr. Abeyta, in Albuquerque, NM.  Through a series of diagnostic tests, she can determine the origin of your pain and discomfort. Her office uses state-of-the-art digital software to help detect occlusal disease to aid in treating and protecting the jaw and teeth from unbalanced forces and destruction.

How does Laser Assisted TMJ Relief Treatment Work?

Just as light bulbs come in different wattages, lasers produce different watts of energy to penetrate deep into inflamed muscles and even target the joint itself.  The handheld wand emits the light which helps generate new capillaries and other blood vessels necessary for healing and restoring proper function.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Studies show patients with TMJ dysfunction experienced an improved mandibular range of motion as well as pain reduction after four to six months of treatment. In addition, further studies reported laser therapy provided anti-inflammatory benefits as well as pain reduction associated with TMJ.

For more information on laser assisted TMJ relief treatment and the best dentist in Albuquerque, NM contact the office today at (505) 293-7611.

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