Latex Allergies

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Natural rubber latex is found in many common dental supplies used in a dental appointment.

Everyday in the world of dentistry and during every dental procedure, latex gloves are the most common thing used.  Some people can develop latex allergies due to the repeated use of latex gloves in and around their mouths.  Latex allergies are caused by repeated exposure to something that has latex in it.  In the case of dentistry, the mucous membranes that come in contact with latex absorb the proteins, where antibodies react with them, causing an inflammation and sometimes severe anaphylaxis, which results in a drop in blood pressure, difficulty breathing and swelling.  There is no real way to prevent an allergy from occurring if you work in an environment that uses latex daily, but if you do have a known latex allergy let your dentist know so that they can take the necessary precautions to prevent triggering your latex allergy.

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