Lip Enhancement: The New Botox?

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Lip Enhancement is quickly becoming the new Botox.

lip enhancement

We can’t give Kylie Jenner and the ridiculous ‘Kylie Jenner lip challenge’ all the credit. Obsession with full lips has slowly gained popularity throughout the years even preceding Angelina Jolie. Lip enhancement has been around for years, just recently gaining more popularity. Also referred to as lip injections and lip augmentation. lip enhancement through injections is an effective way to enhance the fullness of your lips.

Having full lips is often associated with good health, beauty and youth. Some of us aren’t lucky enough to have been born with full lips. And for some, natural aging cause our lips to thin over time. Using natural or synthetic fillers, lip enhancement can result in fuller, plumper lips for months at a time. For a more permanent solution, procedures such as surgical implants can be performed. Thousands and thousands of people, both men and women, undergo successful lip enhancement procedures every year. And are pleased with the results, because the huge majority go back for repeat procedures. There are a number of reasons people have lip enhancement procedures performed. Among them, the most common were:

  • Genetics. A person’s lips have always been thin and disappear when you smile. If you want to plump up thin lips or create a fuller look you are a good candidate. Also, If your smile and your top lip, or both lips disappear, you may benefit from lip enhancement.
  • Aging. As you age, your lips have become thinner and less full. Aging seems like an uphill battle with wrinkles alone. But we also get thinner lips as we age too.
  • Insecurity. If you feel self-conscious about how your lips look, this may be perfect for you. There are techniques that can improve uneven lips, the shape of your mouth and how much your gums show when you smile.
  • Symmetry. Having fuller lips will help balance out your face. This was true in Kylie Jenner’s face. She has large, beautiful eyes but had very narrow, thin lips. Her result was remarkable. It completely changed her look and created a balance to her face where there wasn’t one before her lip enhancement.

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