Root Canals

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Root canals are nothing to be scared of. Really.

I had been having problems with a tooth for years and had been told a root canal was my only options.


Being the baby I am, periodic infections in my jaw were preferable to the idea of someone drilling through a tooth and messing around in the roots!

Much of this goes back to the time my new husband tricked me into getting my wisdom teeth out 30 years ago.  There are clear (too clear) memories of lying in bed eating Jello through a straw waiting for the swelling that made me look like a greedy chipmunk to go down to manageable levels.

But times have changed. And after a couple of years and some painful bouts of infection in my jaw, (looking like that chipmunk again), the idea of getting this fixed overrode all fears.

It was easy. Painless. Quick. With almost no healing period. In fact I bicycled home immediately after the procedure which took no more than 30 minutes.

The needle used for the anesthetic (not even sure it was a needle!) was not even a factor! I never even felt it but it sure did the job.

While the dentist drilled into the good tooth – to get to the dead roots below it – I had my Ipod in my lap and the music turned up nice and loud. He offered to give me a running play-by-play, but the less I knew about it the better I felt!

Before I had listened to a fraction of the music it was all over! In a way I was a little miffed that there was so much agonizing built up over the years to be so quickly and easily thrown out the window. I deserved more pain and discomfort surely!

In all seriousness – they have some new stuff and ways to do things that makes dentistry completely different than 30 years ago when they used the pliers to pull those pesky wisdom teeth.

(As an aside I want to know what moron called useless teeth that have to be pulled out WISDOM teeth!)

Dr. Abeyta and her team are not called the best dentists in Albuquerque by their patients for nothing.


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