Sedation and Anesthetics

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Sedation and anesthetics can help many people with anxiety.

Many people have anxiety about seeing the dentist even for regular cleanings, but there are ways that can improve your visit, such as sedation or anesthetics. Anesthetics can be either topical or injectable. Topical anesthetics are applied with a cotton swab to help prevent pain on the surface level. These types of anesthetics are used for bad gag reflexes to help relax the muscles, for use before an injection, and for mouth sores. Injectable anesthetics are used to help prevent pain in a specific area during a treatment. This type of anesthetic can cause temporary numbness because it blocks the nerves that transmit pain signals to the brain. These are normally used in simple procedures such as cavity fillings and crowns. Sedation is another technique used to help reduce anxiety about dental work. Sedation can come in two forms, nitrous oxide and sedative pills. These can help relax you so that you do not feel pain or feel anxiety. If you feel anxious about
visiting your dentist, then you should let them know so they can choose the best way to make you comfortable and relaxed when visiting the office.

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