Last time you read about luxury facials: chocolate, wine and gold. Here are some that are truly creepy.

Placenta in face cream doesn’t seem to bother us anymore. There are qualities in seemingly “gross” substances that are great for our skin. Let’s see what you think about these.

Snail Facial

During this typically Asian facial a technician will place up to 5 high grade snail on your face. The snail will squirm around your skin, the technician replacing them if they move to far in one direction or another. 

Why snails? First of all the snail bread in pure environments of fresh vegetable and clean soil. They are not just out of the backyard garden. Some claim the rejuvenation from the snail comes from the mucus it secretes. Some claim this mucus is a  beauty-boosting cocktail of proteins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. The effect of this facial is plumpness of the skin.

This facial has not been well researched by the science/medical community.

bird poop facial

The Nightingale

Bird Excrement Facial

The “Bird Poop” facial is another technique from Asia. Originally, Nightingale excrement was used by woman to remove facial dye (make up) completely. When the geisha used this remove make up their skin was left smooth, rejuvenated and healthy.

The technician mixed the cream-colored poop, dried and finely ground, into a bowl and mixes it with the rice bran using a small spatula. The mixture gets brush on the skin and massaged in by fingers. The skin is stripped of oil, dirt and dry skin, and left clean and smooth.

This facial technique that has not been well tested in the scientific community. 

Spermine Facial

Apparently there is a component in semen that is a powerful antioxident providing a smoothing of facial wrinkles. The celebrity spokes person for this facial is Heather Locklear. For the men reading this don’t get excited… the facial is done in a professional spa by a trained technician. The facial cream is laboratory formulated free of any toxins and enhanced with moisturizers. However, many of the celebs promoting this facial do joke, “You just smear semen on your face.”

The testing on this facial has been tested and is inconclusive. 

These three strange facial are not offered by Dr. Alicia Abeyta. Our office offers a package of facial techniques that have been well researched and are known for their high quality, comfortable, safe affects.  Call today for a consultation to discuss your needs.