Oral Cancer and Its Prevention

Oral cancer can be easily prevented.

Oral cancer is caused by abnormal cell growth in your mouth.  These cells can present themselves as red or white spots or sores on your lips, gums, inner cheek, tongue, and palate.  Finding and removing these cells, as well as reducing the use of alcohol or tobacco, are the most effective ways to prevent these cancerous cells from starting or spreading.  On average, only half of those diagnosed with oral cancer will survive for more than five years.  Even though there are risk factors that can induce this cancer, about 25% of people have no risk factors present. More and more oral cancers are a result of the HPV virus.  This type of cancer can be prevented with a simple vaccine.  Oral cancer presents serious risks to your health, and it is important that you should have an oral exam twice a year to help prevent oral cancer.  For more information on oral cancer and ways to prevent it, please visit this page by the American Dental Association on oral cancer.