Teaching Toothbrushing

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Teaching Toothbrushing – How to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

dentist show a little girl how to properly brush your teethSometimes we struggle to get our kids to brush their teeth.

Did your kids just automatically and enthusiastically pick up that toothbrush and floss and brush their teeth? Yea – neither did mine!

We know that good habit learned now will save them much heart (and tooth) ache later in life. It might also save us a few bucks down the road!

Try these five ways to create excitement around the whole idea of tooth care.

1. Make it fun!

The marketers are always trying to see you something you probably don’t really need – but a fun kid’s toothbrush may break that mold. If your child find’s it fun to use a star wars themed toothbrush and zooms his star-fighter brush (if there is such a thing!) in and out and up and down – it would be worth every penny. Don’t forget to look at toothpaste as well. Maybe bubblegum flavored is best?

2. Make a game out of brushing.

Something as simple as “I can brush better than you” can be enough to have them running to the bathroom.

3. Reward good behavior.

What if you set up a card where they mark every time they brush and when they reach a certain mark it is a trip to someplace special? Another idea might be to allow an extra 30 minutes before bedtime for every time they brush before you ask? That would also teach responsibility at the same time! You can be very creative with any reward system. Ask your child for ideas by explaining why it is so important and that that is the reason you are rewarding them.

4. Tell a great story.

Do you like telling stories? They are THE best way to sell and that is exactly what you are doing. Tell little Susie that the super bad plaque monsters are invading causing bad breath and cavities and a real sup hero is needed (who has a magic Cinderella toothbrush) to fight the monsters. Make it fun. Make them giggle and you’ll be amazed at the response. As a plus you get to have some fun yourself!

5. Make it a team sport.

The very best way is to lead by example. Every child wants to be like their parents. Really – how many things do they get to do at the same time and the same way that you do it?

And if you use their bubblegum toothpaste on a star-fighter toothbrush and you are both killing of the storm trooper tooth monsters – it can’t get much better than that! For both of you!

When you are ready to have your young Jedi make his/her first visit to the dentist, call us at (505) 293-7611. We love to play games!

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