Teeth Abridged

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Teeth Abridged – A Short Story of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used to literally bridge gaps in your teeth.

If you happen to lose a tooth, are missing a tooth, or have a gap in your teeth your dentist might suggest a dental bridge.

Bridges are commonly used, financially affordable, and relatively low-risk treatment for your missing teeth. A bridge is simply a manufactured replacement artificial tooth (or teeth) that is anchored on the teeth either side off the missing tooth.

Parts of the bridge include the artificial, manufactured tooth (teeth) which are called pontics, and the anchoring parts on both side made of crowns or abutments.

For aesthetic reasons, most replacement teeth are made from porcelain although you could choose another material like silver or gold.

Your smile can be made whole again by simply adding crowns to existing teeth, then anchoring the replacement tooth (or teeth) to these crowns.

Dental implants are a bit more serious and require your dentist to surgically ember very small titanium posts into the jawbone to secure the replacement teeth. These are the most stable and strongest structure for bridges available.

Whatever type of bridge you choose, the rewards are worth the investment. Better chewing ability, pleasing aesthetics, and improved oral health are all benefits of bridges.  And best of all, because of advancements in dental materials, no one but you (and your dentist) will be able to tell your original teeth from your new teeth!

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