More on teeth fillings, what they are and why it is important to catch them early!

Dentist looking at a dental x-ray

In our previous article, we talked about teeth fillings and why it is important to catch problems early. It is crucial to remember that there pain in the mouth is not the initial indicator of teeth problems. Dental decay and gum disease can fool you as it can be painless or just irritating in its early stages.

The only way to know for sure is with regular checkups.

On rare occasions, you might notice tooth decay if you have chipped or fractured a tooth, or if you are not paying close attention and food starts to collect and cause problems. You might feel pain if an unknown cavity becomes sensitive to hot or cold foods.

It is relatively common for someone to walk into the office for a checkup, have an x-ray only to find a cavity hidden under teeth that appear perfectly fine. Once that ‘fine’ tooth is opened up, there can be a big cavity just growing larger every day! If that cavity is found early enough, and cleaned and filled, it is possibly the last attention that tooth might need for life!

It really is your choice. Come in for routine visits and catch any issues early (or at least have the comfort of knowing there are no issues!) or pay the price down the road with potentially expensive root canal procedures and/or teeth extraction!

Simply put- don’t put off your check-ups! The best way to prevent dental problems and catch things early is regular checkups. Most dental disease is painless until left to worsen.

If you have any indication of teeth problems, head to the dentist immediately. Teeth do not fix themselves and any procrastination only makes things much worse and more costly.

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