Teeth Whitening in Albuquerque

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Teeth Whitening is a simple, safe and inexpensive way to brighten your smile!

 What does your smile say for you?

Our smile is often the first thing others notice about us. It communicates for us before we have a chance to say a word. When your teeth are clean and white it says to others,

When your teeth are not clean and white it may send the wrong message before you have a chance to say a word. I’m sure you have had the experience of meeting someone for the first time and thinking,

“She was really pretty until she smiled.”

Your smile before Teeth whitening Your smile after Teeth whitening

“I am healthy, happy and I take care of myself.”

I always wonder what people think of my smile. I love my coffee and tea but I know they stain my teeth.  I do care what people think of me and I have thought about teeth whitening, but I wonder how much it costs and how much time it will take. Also, my teeth are sensitive and the over the counter whiteners make my teeth hurt. 

Over the counter teeth whitening products are available but the chemicals used in some of them can damage your teeth and gums. Whitening is safer with a dental professional because they customize your care to fit the needs of your health not just your appearance.

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