The Affordable Care Act- What It Means for Dental Care

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The Affordable Care Act gives children more access to dentists, but there is also an increase in cost of care.

The Affordable Care Act establishes that state health insurance must have minimum benefit packages that include pediatric oral health care. This could expand dental coverage to millions of additional children, many of whom have suffered with untreated dental disease.  The Affordable Care Act also funds public education programs and training programs for community care dentists.  However, this Act also increases the tax that is charged on medical devices starting in 2013.  The additional 2.3% tax would be added to many things, including gloves, dental instruments, x-rays, and crowns.  These do not include things that are available at retail, such as toothpaste and toothbrushes.  The reason behind this new tax is to help fund the health care reform from this act.



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