Women are more prone to TMJ Disease than men.

Recent research has been done that shows that women are more prone to temporomandibular joint disease  (TMJ Disease) than men because a woman’ s joint is genetically weaker than a man’s joint.  In the article, it states that stressed, stretched, or torn ligaments produce temporal headaches in women.  These ligaments become this way because they can be hyper-mobile at a young age.  This can lead to serious problems with the TMJ later on in life.  An interesting note is that during pregnancy these women have no TMJ Disease symptoms because the hormones allow the ligaments to stretch, releasing the tension in the muscles.   They may not have any symptoms for up to 6 months after they give birth.  After this period, however, the symptoms can come back very quickly and accelerate the deterioration of the joint.  With each pregnancy, it weakens these ligaments in the TMJ.