Tooth Care – Proper Flossing

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How to maximize your tooth care with proper flossing

A cartoon of a tooth with a tooth brush

There are lots of articles and videos about tooth care that all point to the same things. Regular, consistent brushing, an attention to daily flossing and annual dental visits (at minimum) all go a long way to preventing expensive dental repair work.

In this article, our goal is to help you make sure you are getting the most out of flossing.
How to floss for maximum tooth care.

We recommend using either boxed floss or a double pronged floss holder. It is only up to your preference. An advantage of floss holders is the opposite end with the plaque removers. This is the part that looks similar to a toothpick and is used to clean between your teeth with one hand and remove leftover food brushing cannot reach. These are also good for getting that corn stuck between your teeth!

To floss, wrap a 15 inch long piece around each end of your index fingers. Don’t be stingy as it will simply slide off your fingers if there are not enough wraps! Slide the floss between your teeth and use an up and down motion to ‘scrape’ the inside areas brushing cannot reach. This is really important as this is where bacteria will form as must be removed.

Take your time to cover all areas including the back sides of your back teeth. For wider spaces, you can get wider floss, or use the floss holders with the plaque remover.

Look for potential health issues like bleeding gums. If you are just beginning to floss, there may be bleeding until your gums get used to the floss but this should not continue for long. Bleeding gums can be a sign of bacteria causing damage which can get into the bloodstream and spread through your body. If your gums bleed for more than a week – proper tooth care says call us at (505) 293-7611!

And don’t forget your annual checkup! Having a dentist visit inside your mouth once a year is cheap insurance against any issues turning into problems and is a critical element of any tooth care system.

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