Tooth Pain, Finding Relief

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One possible cause of tooth pain is a cavity.

Tooth decay is extremely common. It may be fair to say that if you have teeth they will decay. The degree and speed at which the decay happens, that is something you can have an impact on. Tooth decay is like cancer. It spreads to nearby locations. If you have decay you want to have it removed before it causes decay to other teeth or down into your root.

tooth pain develops

If you are having tooth pain, you may have a cavity (beginning stage of tooth decay.) Go see your dentist!


Sometimes a dentist or dental assistant can feel or see a cavity. Other times an X-Ray is required. When they locate a cavity it will be advised that you get a filling.

Amalgam Removal

Some dentists still offer the classic gray filling, this is called amalgam. It is made with 50% mercury. Just in case you’ve been out of chemistry class for a while, mercury is poisonous. The other draw back of an amalgam filling is that mercury is metal, and again from chemistry class, metals expand and contract with exposure to hot and cold. Like hot coffee or tea, or like ice cream and ice cold drinks. As they expand and contract they loosen and let in bacteria. This bacteria is not easily removed by basic brushing and flossing and can further cause decay. Back to the tooth pain and back to getting another filling.

Most dentists will offer the composite filling option. Some have begun using composite exclusively. Composite is safer and fluctuates far less to temperature. It also forms a better bond with the pores of your teeth to reduce bacteria. The composite filling is not a durable as amalgam and may crack and need to be replaced within 10 years. Read the WebMD article on Fillings for more information.

The key here is to make your tooth pain go away. There are other possibilities as to why your teeth may hurt; don’t wait, things could get worse, they probably won’t just go away.

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