Think Back… When you go to the doctor, she’ll ask you to open your mouth and…

total body health

Say, “Ahhhhh”

Why is this? You didn’t say you had a sore throat, you said you were having abdominal pain. She looks in your mouth because there she will find diagnostic, tell tale signs of the health or illness in the rest of your body.

This is why total body health dentistry is becoming so important. 

This is not to say that you should care for your mouth to cover up any potential illness. It is the reason you should be aware of you dental health. 

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Think about how much of your world revolves around your mouth. It is how we breath, nourish our bodies, consume water, communicate words and emotions. Your mouth does more interaction with the world than your eyes, hands, ears and nose.

Total body health dentistry begins with a comprehensive exam to design a plan for each person. This approach considers, dental health, life style impacts, stress, nutrition. A dentist that offers this type of care plan is not a primary care doctor, and the total body health services are not a replacement for the care offered by your doctor. 

Dr. Alicia Abeyta is a Total Body Health Dentist:

Our mission through a gentle approach is One Mouth, One Body, and One Connection. We incorporate art, science, and spirituality into our care, which allows for total body healing.

Since dentistry is comprehensive knowledge of mouth, head, neck and face doesn’t it make sense to offer care for the whole package. Simply cleaning your teeth is like taking your car to get it washed and having the attendant only wash the windows. Your provider should understand your needs and your lifestyle. Your provider should not give you a slap on the hand for not flossing and ask to see you again 6 months. This type of care is not beneficial and will not support your total body health.

Comfort and health of the patient is the driving motivation to the total body health plan. You know who you are and your provider should encourage you to be actively involved in your care.

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