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What Do You Do With A Broken Tooth?

A Broken Tooth is Not the End of the World…

No matter how strong your teeth are (and they are very strong) stuff happens – like a broken tooth.  You can also chip, crack or even split a tooth!

Have you ever:

  • Bitten down on something hard and felt a tooth break?
  • Gotten hit in the mouth with a ball, or a by accident?
  • Fallen on your face (and your teeth?)
  • Had cavities that were so bad you lost a tooth?

You probably know that you can break a tooth and it not even hurt!  Usually your first indication is either a piece of something strange in your mouth or your tongue finding a sharp place unnoticed until now.

On the other hand, a broken tooth (or teeth) can hurt a lot! You might have damaged a nerve, or your gums when you damaged your tooth.  Your first indication may be when you drink something cold and it comes in contact with an exposed nerve ending!

There are answers.

 Unfortunately, if you have cracked a tooth, you will not be able to look up a home remedy.  If you are experiencing pain when you bite, or with hot or cold, or a constant pain; it is time to see the dentist!

A broken tooth is more obvious but will still require a dentist for repairs. There are some immediate remedies for issues associated with a broken tooth.  Even so, go see your dentist so they can determine the cause. There are few things worse than waking up in the middle of the night with a raw nerve ending because you procrastinated seeing a dentist after a problem!


If you have a broken tooth, try these tips to help until you can get to an appointment:

#1. Warm water rinsed in the mouth will help clean and soothe.

#2.  For bleeding, use gauze to apply pressure to help stop the flow. You can also try a tea bag to help stop the bleeding. Just hold it like a compress against the area.

#3.  A cold pack applied to cheek or lips will help reduce swelling and also help relieve pain.

#4. The drugstores sell a temporary dental cement. Use this to cover a tooth if necessary when you cannot get to a dentist for some reason.

#5. If you are in pain, a judicial use of aspirin may help.

What do you do with a broken tooth? The best and most effective action you take is to call your dentist.

Dr. Abeyta and her team have solutions to almost any broken tooth or accident you have![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]