Conscious sedation comes in many varieties, but the two most common are Laughing Gas and Anti-Anxiety Medication.

Nitrous Oxide, or more commonly known as Laughing Gas, is breathed through a mask during your appointment. Laughing Gas will allow you to be aware of your surroundings while giving you a sense of bliss. Laughing Gas is most effective for people that have mild to moderate dental anxiety. Laughing Gas will also allow you to return to your normal activities, including being able to drive yourself to your appointment.

Oral Sedation is the use of anti-anxiety medication taken a few hours before your appointment. Oral Sedation will calm you before and during your appointment. These pills also can help you to relax and relieve any anxiety you may have. Oral Sedation is one of the best options for conscious sedation in patients that have moderate to severe dental anxiety. Because these pills also help with falling asleep, you must make sure that someone else will be able to bring you and pick you up from your appointment.

In both cases of conscious sedation, we will still give you a local anesthetic to make sure that you feel absolutely no pain at your appointment.