Who Else Wants Whiter Teeth? The Best Teeth Whitening Solutions

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Home and professional teeth whitening secrets

woman who shows before and after teeth whiteningWho does not want white teeth? A brighter smile looking back at you in the morning certainly makes a better, brighter start to the day!

Almost everyone who drinks coffee, tea or red wine has noticed the effects on their teeth.  For smokers, the issue is much more noticeable. In addition, years of wear and tear on teeth can produce damage such as grooves or etching, providing crevices even more difficult to keep white. Ah the joys of aging!

If the idea of having whiter teeth has caught your interest, be assured you are not alone. Teeth whitening is big business with multiple options available. From professional teeth whitening solutions in our office, to the many drugstore options – you have many choices to brighten up that smile.

 Commonality in Teeth Whitening Solutions

Almost all teeth brighteners and whiteners have peroxide in common as the active ingredient sold by dentists and drugstores. What sets them apart is the strength of the peroxide used in the treatment, the method of delivery to your teeth and the time to brighter teeth.

In Dr. Abeyta’s office, sometimes just one hour in her chair can make amazing changes to your smile, whereas a drugstore solution can takes weeks of hour’s long nightly applications.

The difference is in the tools. Dr. Abeyta can apply a high concentration gel in combination with a special heating lamp directly on your teeth with results that will really surprise you. There are follow-ups to get the best results but that first visit can work wonders.

In the office, the dentist will place a rubber dam or other protective barrier in your mouth in order to isolate the lips, gums, and tongue to keep the whitening gel on your teeth.  This keeps the gel in close contact with your teeth and minimizes the amount that is swallowed or lost.

Even if the whitening kits sold in drugstores contain lower levels of peroxide, they may work just as well just more slowly.  You simply have to apply it to your teeth for much longer periods of time over a longer term.

Touchy teeth and gums are no cause for concern when using whiteners.  Peroxide does not usually damage or affect any parts of the mouth and have been proven safe.

There are millions of people out there with a bright white smile who have been through the process! Who Else Wants Whiter Teeth? The Best Teeth Whitening Solutions!

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