Why do dentists scare us?

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Dentists scare us because of scenes like this, and horror stories, but remember … these are not the norm.

Like most Americans, I’ve been going to the dentist regularly since my first teeth came in. At first, it was exciting, then it was a chore. I started getting cavities, needing orthodontics, getting lectures. They poke, they prode. They tell you how bad of a job you’re doing, in the 5 minutes they spend with you and then hand you a bill.  Imagine if you had a similar experience when you went out to eat. The hostess greets you by shoving you and your date into your seats. The server critiques your dietary selection and before you get your food the bus boy delivers your bill and tells you to pay on your way out. 

But wait … I have questions … Sorry what was your name again?

All dentists face the same scrutiny. Not all dentists care to correct the misconceptions of their practice, their profession or themselves a people.

Ten Reasons Dentists Scare Us

  1. The Needle
  2. The Paindentists scare us
  3. The Anxiety
  4. The Drill
  5. The Invasiveness
  6. The Sound and Smells
  7. The Cost
  8. The Lectures
  9. The Coldness
  10. Bad Memories 

There is a movement of comfortable dentistry. This is when the first visit is a conversation. A look at your overall health and needs. You know how important dental health is, but how do you feel good about it when your dentist does nothing but make you feel bad about it? Considering a Holistic Approach?

Truly holistic dentists are dentists who perform dentistry that is good for the body as well as the teeth and gums.

All dentists to some extent see the importance of the mouth in the overall health of an individual. For instance, studies have concluded a link between gum disease and heart health, diabetes, and pregnancies. However, many dentists are not trained in the long term effects of what dentistry does (or could possibly do) to the whole body. Hence the reason the field of holistic dentistry was formed.

The holistic dentist does not hold appointments in a grass hut, with a dirt floor, coconut pulp to ease the pain, in a grass skirt with sandals. Holistic dentistry is a well researched, practice, evolved professional approach, that generally takes into consideration, the Top 10 reasons dentists scare us. They want to put us at ease and help us become healthier and more confident caring for our teeth and gums.

The Background of Holistic Dentistry

Dentists have come a long way, and Your Comfort is Your Right.

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